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Lakshya Cabs offers a great way to travel from Delhi to Kota by booking our Delhi to Kota taxi. If you're planning this trip, you'll be happy to know that Lakshya Cabs provides some of the best and most affordable cab from Delhi to Kota for this route. All our cars are comfortable and well-maintained, ensuring a pleasant journey. The drivers are experienced and know the way well, so you can relax and enjoy the ride. Booking is easy and straightforward, and you'll find their prices competitive. Whether you're traveling alone, with family, or in a group, Lakshya Cabs has vehicles to suit your needs. They understand that long trips can be tiring, so they focus on making your journey as smooth as possible. With Lakshya Cabs, you can look forward to a reliable, comfortable, and budget-friendly ride from Delhi to Kota. It's a smart choice for travelers who want quality service without spending too much.  

Distance between Delhi and Kota and time required

The distance between Delhi and Kota is approximately 468 kilometers by road. The journey typically takes around 7 to 8 hours, depending on traffic conditions, the route taken, and any stops made along the way. This stretch of highway is generally well-maintained, allowing for a comfortable drive. However, travel time can vary based on factors such as road construction, weather conditions, and the time of day you're traveling. Early morning departures often result in shorter travel times due to lighter traffic. It's always a good idea to plan for a few short breaks during the journey, which can add to the overall travel time but make the trip more comfortable. With a reliable service like Lakshya Cabs, you can expect an efficient journey that balances good time management with safety and comfort.

Famous tourist destinations to be visited in Kota

Kota has many famous tourist places to visit. We recommend that you plan your trip wisely so that you have enough time to visit all these places. Check out all the popular spots below:

  1. Seven Wonders Park
  2. Chambal Garden
  3. City Palace
  4. Kota Barrage
  5. Shiv Puri Dham

How can you book a Delhi to Kota cab service with Lakshya Cabs?

Booking a Delhi to Kota cab is very easy with our Lakshya Cabs. Follow the steps given below to book a Delhi to Kota cab

  1. Open your browser and find our Lakshya Cabs website.
  2. Enter the pick-up and drop-off locations of your choice.
  3. Check available cabin types and prices.
  4. Confirm your reservation.

Once we have received your reservation request, we will send you a message with all the necessary information. With us, you can be sure that your taxi will arrive on time. 

What are the benefits of booking a Delhi to Kota taxi service with Lakshya Cabs?

  1. Comfortable and personalized travel Lakshya Cabs provides well-maintained vehicles suited to your needs. Whether you're traveling solo, as a couple, or in a group, you can choose from a range of cars that offer comfort for the long journey. This personalized approach ensures you have ample space and amenities for a pleasant trip.
  2. Experienced and professional drivers The company employs skilled drivers who are familiar with the Delhi to Kota route. Their experience translates to safe driving, efficient navigation, and knowledge of good stopover points. You can relax and enjoy the journey, confident in your driver's capabilities.
  3. Flexible itinerary Unlike fixed-schedule public transportation, a private taxi allows you to plan your journey according to your preferences. You can start at a time that suits you, make stops for sightseeing or refreshments, and take breaks when needed. This flexibility enhances your travel experience and allows you to explore points of interest along the way.
  4. Door-to-door service Lakshya Cabs offers pickup from your location in Delhi and drops you off at your exact destination in Kota. This door-to-door service eliminates the hassle of navigating public transport or arranging additional transportation at either end of your journey, making your trip more convenient and stress-free.
  5. Transparent pricing The company provides clear, upfront pricing for the journey. You'll know the cost of your trip when you book, without worrying about hidden fees or surge pricing. This transparency helps you budget effectively for your travel expenses and avoid any unexpected costs.
  6. 24/7 customer support Lakshya Cabs offers round-the-clock customer support, ensuring assistance is available whenever you need it. Whether you have questions before booking, need to make changes to your reservation, or require support during your journey, help is just a call away. This constant support provides peace of mind throughout your travel experience.

These benefits combine to make Lakshya Cabs a reliable and customer-friendly option for your Delhi to Kota journey, offering convenience, comfort, and value for money.

Delhi to Kota taxi booking contact number: +917991940830

Looking to book a comfortable and reliable taxi for your journey from Delhi to Kota? Lakshya Cabs has made it incredibly easy for you. Simply dial +917991940830 to connect with their friendly customer service team. This dedicated booking number is your direct line to arranging a smooth and enjoyable trip. Whether you're planning your travel in advance or need a last-minute ride, the helpful staff at Lakshya Cabs are ready to assist you. They can provide information about available vehicles, pricing options, and any current promotions. The team will guide you through the Delhi to Kota taxi booking process, answer your questions, and ensure your taxi reservation is confirmed. With this convenient contact number, you're just a phone call away from securing your transportation for the Delhi to Kota route. Save this number for a hassle-free booking experience whenever you need to make this journey. Lakshya Cabs is committed to making your travel arrangements as simple and efficient as possible.


Vehicle Name From Rate/KM Estimated Cost Min. KM/Day Trip Type
Dzire Or Similar Delhi 16 INR/KM 7520 INR 470 KM Oneway
Ertiga Or Similar Delhi 18 INR/KM 8460 INR 470 KM Oneway
Innova Crysta Delhi 32 INR/KM 15040 INR 470 KM Oneway

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Yes, Lakshya Cabs offers both one-way and round trip options. You can book a return journey from Kota to Delhi at the same time as your initial booking, or you can arrange it separately later. Round trips often come with a discounted rate, so be sure to ask about this option when booking.

Absolutely! We understand that long journeys may require breaks. You can discuss your preferences with the driver at the start of the trip. Short stops for refreshments or sightseeing can usually be accommodated without extra charge, but significant detours may incur additional fees.

Yes, we offer fixed fares for the Delhi to Kota route. The price is determined at the time of booking based on factors such as vehicle type and any additional services requested. There are no hidden charges, and the fare you're quoted is what you'll pay.

Lakshya Cabs offers a range of vehicles to suit different needs and group sizes. Options include comfortable sedans for up to 4 passengers, spacious SUVs for up to 6 passengers, and larger vehicles for bigger groups or those requiring extra luggage space. You can specify your preferences when booking.

The journey from Delhi to Kota typically takes around 7 to 8 hours, depending on traffic conditions and any stops made along the way. Our experienced drivers are familiar with the route and will take the most efficient path to ensure a timely arrival.


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